What Is Digital Marketing? Everything to know

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What Is Digital Marketing? Everything to know

These days, everybody knows about the word "Digital Marketing", but what exactly it is, that we will cover in this article.

Digital marketing is another form of marketing which connects with people and influences them to see/buy/subscribe and share product

Here, We will start with basics and also share, how digital marketing strategies are implemented by professionals.

If you have below questions in your mind, then you are at the right place:-

What is Digital Marketing?

What are the strategies of Digital Marketing?

How does Digital Marketing works?

How do Digital Marketing professional works?

The scope of Digital Marketing?

A one-stop place where you will get all the answers. I will keep it very simple and at the same time, you will come to know everything.

WARNING: This article is going to be very long as it covers everything about digital marketing. So stay tuned!!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is nothing but another kind of marketing strategy to sell products or services online via computers, Laptops or Mobile.

Remember! traditional marketing strategies where a company sells its product through retail. And to promote, they do branding, Tv, radio, newspaper advertisements, promotional SMS or multilevel marketing too and they pay people on referring.

All of these marketing strategies are done to spread awareness about products or services. A company does this just to ensure that people should know about the company or its brand name. However, there is a huge cost levied behind these marketing methods.

In the current scenario of digital, Many people use the internet on phones, tablets, etc. And they don't even know that every time they click, they are contributing to any possible company. That is why companies are moving towards digital marketing. Here they get their website created, invest in best contents, and promote it with different ways of digital marketing like social media, Sentimental Analysis, Google AdWords, affiliate marketing, internet marketing.

To get their website or products promoted, digital marketers are hired who performs all organic and inorganic methods of digital marketing. Same in turn generates revenue in less expenditure.

Definition of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of selling, promoting any product or service online with various digital methods where costumers connect, spend time online.

There are various assets of digital marketing like email marketing, digital advertisements, affiliate marketing, internet marketing. And at the same time, digital marketers are inventing new strategies on a daily basis.

Types/Methods/Strategies of Digital Marketing

There are many strategies for doing digital marketing but most of the effective methods, we will cover here. Also later we will see, who all are the professionals and how they do it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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This is the most common word used in digital marketing and I will say the most important aspect too. SEO is the way to rank your content on top of google searches. This will help a website to get promoted and more people will view its content in turn product or service will be sold. SEO is done for Website, Blogs or infographics

How SEO is done?

SEO is majorly performed in 2 ways i.e. ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO:-

 1. ON-Page SEO

On-page SEO image

On-Page SEO is everything you do on your content so that Google recognizes and rank it. There are many aspects involved in on-page SEO and we will discuss all one by one:-

   a. Keyword Analysis

This is a basic or starting step of SEO, everybody thinks that keyword analysis is difficult but I won't say its difficult but yes it's critical. Because what you are writing for your blog, website or else to get it top-ranked shall have quality keywords so that Google search engine should praise and rank.

A keyword analysis is done in 4 simple steps:-

  • Firstly understand on what topic you want to write. For example, you want to write on "Digital Marketing".
  • Now type Digital Marketing on google bar. Here you will find multiple other ideas that are currently most searched on Google. But major keywords are at the bottom where its written "Searches related to digital marketing".

Search related to digital marketing image

  • So you have got the idea, that what all keywords are in trend related to your chosen topic. Now you need to know the total count of searches on this keyword, is it competitive (More competitive, more difficult to get it ranked). To check this, you should download a free tool like Keyword Everywhere and link it to your chrome

Keyword Everywhere homepage image

  • Once you have installed Keyword Everywhere, it will look like the below image and anytime you enter any keyword, you will see its status on right. Now let's see what is the status of "Digital marketing Definition" Keyword which we found from above.

Digital Marketing Definition image

Here, we can see that volume - 3600/month which is pretty good, CPC (current charge of this keyword) - Rs43 which is okay and competition - 0.6 which the best. Now, competition should below which gives a better chance of ranking on Google. Also, on the right side, we can have other Keywords idea which is very helpful.

You can also refer below article to have some idea about keyword injection and on-page SEO

   b. Internal/External Linking

To get traffic or rank high on Google, SEO professional takes the help of Internal and External Linking.

Internal Linking is when you specify some of your website's relevant link on another article. For example, On a blog website, there is an article "Top Android Phones" and under this article only, there can be a link to another related topic like "Best features of Nokia X9".

External Linking, On the other hand, is when you share links of outside website's article/topic on your website's article. Always remember, The website, whose link you will be using should have good domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the ranking of a website which states that the website is reliable and the quality of content and traffic is good. So, showing the link to the high DA website will increase the chances of your website to be ranked.

   c. Use of Snippet/Parma link

While we decide the title which is based on our keyword (Digital marketing definition), we also need to configure snippet by defining a Parma link or Slug.

Below, you can see that under the title, there is a parma link " digital - marketing - definition" and under that, there should always be a description. It makes easy for Google to index and remember what's the article all about.

Parma link image

Latest Symantec Indexing (LSI Keywords)

Generally, people don't know about LSI but it's very important to get ranked. LSIs are secondary keywords present in an article which helps Google spiders to identify the article. LSI is nothing but keywords related to your primary keyword which is your title.

For example, "Amazon" is the primary keyword then LSI will be other relevant keywords associated with Amazon-like AWS, Cloud, online shopping mall, etc.

 2. OFF Page SEO

OffPage SEO is also related to ranking your content/blog on Google but it's performed outside the article. The article is not modified internally, in turn, other methods are performed to promote the article like backlinking or tiered linking.

   a. Back-linking/Link building

BackLink image

Backlinks or link building is like getting a reference from another website that is already famous. Your website link will reflect on other websites which will increase your website's traffic.

How? For example, A Mobile Phone website is already famous and have good traffic, now if your link is there on this website, then there is a bigger chance that people visiting that website will direct to your website too. And this will increase your website's traffic.

There are many organic and inorganic ways of link building. I will be discussing both but suggest adopting organic ways only.

    Organic Ways:-

Quora - This is the best method, wherein you can signup on Quora and type in whatever your topic is about. In Quora's search bar, you will see suggestions of frequently asked questions or the latest suggestions. You can select any and then you need to answer that question by just pasting your article and below add your link. This will let others know about you and your website.

Commenting on other websites - Now, you know, if you are writing about any topic, that topic might have been written by others too. You can always visit that website and comment on their topic with your link. So, this way you will get backlinks from ranked websites on google.

Getting directly referred from others - If you have friends whose websites are already growing, you can ask them to put your link on their website. Also, you can directly contact other website owners who are popular. You will be having thought, why other website owners will give you backlinks. Well, this is very much possible and easy too.

Solution: Many successful websites have lots of backlinks and most of the backlinks are not working indeed showing error 404. So, having an error page on your website is very bad. So you can find out error pages and ask the owner that you have a list of error pages and in favor, you would like to have a backlink. Easy?

    Inorganic ways:-

Backlinks generators: There are many other tools that create backlinks in a very spammy way. They actually create 100s of backlink in other spammy websites which are not at all good for your website. Also, Google knows that in a fortnight, so many backlinks are not possible. Due to which your website may get blocked on Google. And trust me, retrieving is very difficult.

White Hat Tiered Linking - This is a safe way of promoting but its very time consuming if you are new. It's like multi-level marketing that works in a tree structure.

Tiered Link Building image

There is a master website that backlinks from other small websites. All of these small websites are also created by the same group that owns the master website.

You must be thinking, why and how it's safe?
So let's elaborate this with the help of the below image. There is a master website that has its backlink from tier 2 websites. And tier 2 websites have backlinks from tier 3. The tier 3 websites have backlinks from multiple websites that can be spam, fake, organic, etc. But indirectly, the main website is getting benefits from all.

Now, if Google will have to block a website, it will only go to tier 3 as tier 3 is backlinking from spam but tier 2 and tier 1 will always be safe.

There are two ways of working on tiered link building:-

    1. Free Way: You can create the main website by taking the domain and hostname. Rest everything can be designed on free Blogger, WordPress or Wix. This is free, safe but less effective than the second method.
    2. Paid way: Big digital marketing companies or professionals follows this method in which they buy multiple domains and good hostings. Also, they hire professional content writers to fill quality content which helps to rank all tiers websites. Then they sell the backlink program to others which generates them lots of revenue.

   c. Traffic Management

Traffic Management is the way of identifying relevant traffic for your website or blog post. This is majorly done using social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

You just need to share your post or create an account on these social media websites. Share your website links on a regular interval so that people who are interested can visit your website.

Content Marketing

To promote anything online you need to have the best material/matter or you can say CONTENT. Content is everything that makes or ruins any business. If your content is not good, nobody would read and no traffic will be there on your website/blog, etc.

content marketing image

Always remember, DO NOT COPY CONTENT from online, this will make your website's ranking poor. You can always refer content from others but your content should have your own words in your own style.

There are mainly 4 types of content marketing:-

  1. Blog/Posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Ebooks or newsletters
  4. Youtube

Kind suggestion: You can be better in any of the above types only if you write content on your own.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is in trend these days and people are earning 1000$ to 20000$ per month. It is a process of selling other products through your website/blog or other social media platform and you can earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing is profitable for both, the product owner and the promoter. Why Promoter? I have already mentioned, by referring products on your website/blog and earn commissions.

Affiliate Marketing image

Why the Product owner? Many big firms are investing so much in marketing to sell their products. However, in affiliate marketing, they just need to pay some amount of commission on their product selling and there is. a win-win situation for everybody.

Affiliate marketing is effective because many people are involved in referring. So as a product owner you would not know how many people are actually promoting your products.

How Affiliate marketer works and what are the platforms to start?

  • Firstly, You need to have a blogging website or any other platforms like facebook, twitter, etc and inject that website with your favorite niche contents.
  • Secondly, register of affiliate marketing website like

    1. Amazon
    2. CJ Affiliate
    3. JVZoo
    4. AD-NOW

Here you will find lots of products and their commissions. You just need to copy their link after registering and paste it on your blog. Now anybody buys a product via clicking on your posted link/banner you will earn the commission.

Email Marketing

Traditionally, companies used to send product promotions, discounts, info, latest updates via SMS or Call. However, in the current scenario where people access email more than SMS, companies are using email for promotions.

How to get email Ids is the bigger question?

To create an email repository, companies use various methods that are again part of digital marketing. For example, Subscribe Now - You must have noticed many times when you are surfing a website, there is a window that pops out. It asks for your email id to subscribe to their newsletter or etc. This is how they create a repository of email ids.

Also companies, at the time of selling product/service, intake customer's email Id. Also, they hire other digital marketers and buy desired targeted email ids to perform promotions.

Email marketing types:-

  1. Newsletter/infographics
  2. Product promotions
  3. Welcome EMail for new acquisitions
  4. New updates/blogs/articles
  5. Troubleshooting or tips related to products
  6. Service request/complaint notifications

Who are Digital Marketing professionals and what they do?

Content Experts

Content experts are professionals who know the company and its products/services. They create content that includes post/video or infographics/newsletters. They are in regular touch with all the functions/departments of the organization and are up to date with respect to any new launch. Accordingly, they plan promotions on all digital platforms.

SEO Expert

SEO manager is one who promotes or rank the content shared by the content expert on Google. He/She does all things which have already been shared in this article under topic >>SEO.

SEO experts are always in direct contact with content experts to assure the correct Google ranking of the content shared by a content expert. They also ensure to share all reports related to content performance. This means, if content A has given X revenue and content B has given 2X revenue, he/she will share with the business team that this product/ad/content, etc is working well for the company.

Social Media Expert

Social media expert ensures the quality of pages created on social media like facebook, twitter, etc. He/she is also directly in contact with a content manager for new content submissions on all relevant pages.

Social media expert ensures maintenance of all pages and populates them on a regular interval of time. He/she also do sentimental analysis, i.e when any subscriber posts bad/good comment, social media expert ensure to revert them. Also, reports to the company that what's good or bad happening or share customer experience so that any company can improve on the basis of the social media report.

The scope of Digital Marketing in India

Since the Google search engine started, the scope of digital marketing was rising like shooting stars. Now people across the world are in digital marketing and earning up to 1L $ per month. But, trust me, India is still an opportunity hub where there are not so many digital marketing experts.

Scope of digital marketing image

How to START?

Try getting expertise from one area of digital marketing which can be any of the below:-

  1. Content writing
  2. SEO expert
  3. Creative designer
  4. Social media expert

After you got the expertise, try working as a freelancer and register yourself in freelancing websites. You can help other people grow their business and earn basis their revenue growth.


Digital marketing is the present and future of the marketing world. Anybody who is interested in this niche should take advantage. The market is volatile and digital marketers are always welcome.

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