How To Increase Followers On Instagram

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-Main Image
How To Increase Followers On Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform. You will find all types of age groups present on Instagram. You can, not only promote your other platforms like website, youtube or blogs but you can also earn a lot if you increase followers on Instagram.

Instagram can be a very useful platform for people who are in the B2C model (Business to Customer). It's not too successful for the B2B model.

Example: If you do not have a website and you just can take a picture of your product and upload it on Instagram to sell your product in a more effective way.
Down below I will give you a professional way of how to create your account in a professional way and increase followers on Instagram.

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Create an Account on Instagram

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-create an account
Create an account on Instagram

The most important step which impacts your promotion and increases followers on Instagram is account creation. While creating an account on Instagram, you should follow some points that will help you in the future.

Below Details to be taken seriously while creating an account on Instagram:-

1. Enter Bio: 

You should never leave the "BIO" section blank or with less information. You must specify your business name, your area of expertise, category, some useful hashtags. Refer below formation:-

Founder @Digitalshish
Digital Marketing Experts
#Digitalmarketing #SEO # SocialMedia
Contact Us@DigitalShish

Always use Instagram hashtags # inside the bio section. It is important because there are many people attached to one hast tag. This will help you increase reach and visibility.

2. Enter your website/Youtube:

This is very important because Instagram doesn't allow mentioning redirect links over the post. So at the time of the creation of an account, you must enter your website URL or youtube details. This will always remain on the main page. You can also share your blog link which you want to promote and later you may change it.

3. Category

People will know you by category. This helps Instagram to recognize your target audience. It like the identification of your business. For example food, travel, photographer, etc.

4. Connect with Facebook: 

Check this option to direct update stories on Facebook. Whenever you post on Instagram, it will automatically be posted on your Facebook account too.  

5. Update Phone Number:

If you are selling physical products like shoes, etc or you have a shop. You must specify a phone number so that people can reach you directly.

You can also refer my Instagram account @digitalShish
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Create an Instagram Post

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-Post
Press Plus Icon to Create an Instagram Post

To increase followers on Instagram, Instagram Post is like the main content or heart of your account. You need to at least post 3 images and one story every day to boost your followers. If you are posting a video, then you can post it once a day for constant growth.

Steps to add an Instagram post:-

#Step 1

Click on the camera icon and select a photograph or video and click on next.

#Step 2

Use the filter to make your post attractive with Instagram's own platform.

#Step 3

Fill in the caption with details about your post. Make it a bit long because Instagram likes a post with a detailed caption. Also, use emoji which will make your post look good and also it is an Instagram SEO tip.

#Step 4

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-Importance of Instagram Hashtags
Importance Of Instagram Hashtags

Use Instagram hashtags below the details. Use Instagram hashtags only related to your business. Mention at least 10 Instagram hashtags, 5 famous and 5 less popular. It will save your post from spam listing and also increase your followers on Instagram. Click on next.

#Step 5

Tag important brand on to your image and again that should be related to your business. This will also help you earn money from those brands when your  Instagram page gets famous

#Step 6

Mention Location -  It is very important to let people know where your business is located. So that people can reach you. If you have 

#Step 7

Advance setting: Generally people ignore the advance setting but this is also very important. You need to set alt text to your post. This alt text should be related to the title of your post or your brand keyword.

The solution to a problem - Instagram Post from desktop or laptop

Instagram doesn't allow you to post from desktop or laptop.  I don't know the reason but you can only post on Instagram using your phone. So there is a way by which you can post on Instagram using a desktop or laptop.

Follow below steps:-

#Step 1

Open Instagram from the chrome browser and log in to your account.

#Step 2

Click on three dots on top right side of your browser

#Step 3

Go to more and click on developer option

#Step 4 

Click on the mobile icon given on the left top of the developer window.
Now you need to select the phone model. you can choose any mode, let's say, iPhone X

#Step 5

Now your Instagram account will look similar to the mobile version and you can post or create a story from your laptop also.
By doing these steps, you confuse Instagram that you are using a mobile but you are actually using a laptop.

Bonus Tips# If you want to earn online as a freelancer, do refer below article

Instagram Ad Campaign

A strong method to increase followers on Instagram

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-Ad Campaign
Instagram Ad Campaign

So far you have learned to create an account on Instagram and how to post/Stories on Instagram. Now it time to know how to promote yours/clients' page to build a brand or to increase followers on Instagram using Instagram Ad Campaign. It will help you increase reach so that your sale can grow.

To explain, let's take an example of a shoe product post that you want to promote using ad campaigns.

Now once you post a shoe image on your Instagram, you will see a promote button on the bottom left of the post.

Click on promote,  select any of the below options as per your need:-
  1. Your profile
  2. Website
  3. Your storefront
  4. You direct messages

Then you need to select a target audience. Target Audience means the segment or people to whom your post will be shown. 

So you need to select a target segment like we can choose shipping and fashion for our shoe product.

Then mention the location of your business area. You will see a potential audience like in 16,00,000 people who may be interested in your product.
Click on done

Now you will be asked to select the age group of your target audience. You can select the age group as per your requirement. Click on next

Select your budget starting from ~40rs per day. Once you select, Instagram will show you how many people will see your ad for complete one day.

Complete the setting by making payment. And you are done. The Instagram ad campaign is live and you will see tremendous increased followers on Instagram. You can also see the conversion report from Instagram.

How to post Instagram Stories

How To Increase Followers On Instagram-Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Stories look amazing on Instagram and based on a report, maximum followers can be attained with the help of Instagram stories. You need to post at least one Instagram story every day to increase followers on Instagram.

To post an Instagram story:-

#Step 1 

Just click on + sign on Instagram stories and select any image/video from your phone gallery

# Step 2 

Mention any good tagline related to your product.

#Step 3

You can even ask any question related to your product which will help better engagement with your audience. This is a very promising method.

#Step 4

Click on share and mention a highlight. Instagram Highlight is nothing but tag given to all your Instagram stories. So, let's say, if you are promoting phones then you can tag all Samsung phones related stories in one highlight and so on.

Things to remember-: If you get more than 10k followers, you will get a special feature from Instagram, i.e. swipe up, in that, you can add a link from where people can redirect to your website or video. And this will also increase followers on Instagram.

Advance Learning for Instagram Professionals

I am going to share Instagram professional tips on this article so that you don't have to surf around to find advance tips separately. But please don't jump directly to this section unless you go through the above basic section. This is an add-on to increase followers on Instagram

There are some tips that are used by Instagram professionals to increase followers on Instagram. Please refer below:-

#Tip 1 Organic Promotion to increase followers

 on Instagram

It is very important to organically increase followers on Instagram. If you have just started your Instagram page, then you should not directly jump on to paid promotions. Firstly you should gain maximum followers from organic promotions.

Points to remember for organic promotion:-
  1. Use of keywords related to your niche business
  2. Carefully select Instagram hashtags for your Instagram post
  3. Enter your bio details carefully

#Tip 2 Mini blog 

Always use Instagram hashtags when you are posting any of your blog images and describe your image as much as you can. This will help the audience to know about your post which will intern increase followers on Instagram.

#Tip 3 Mixing hashtag

Big Instagram hashtags like #business or #fashion have too many followers, so whenever you will post with these kinds of big Instagram hashtags, your post will disappear in seconds. So people will not be able to notice your post

Solution-: Always mention 10 hashtags that are famous and 10 hashtags that are less famous. This will reduce the chance of your Instagram post to be neglected

#Tip 4 Rotate keywords

Always use new keywords so that Instagram will not mark your post as SPAM. Create a set of hashtag groups and use it on a rotation basis

#Tip 5 Community engagement

Never forget to revert to your post's comment. People feel good when you revert them to your post's comment. Also, many other people will see and follow you.

#Tip 6 Use of Instagram Pages

When posting anything on Instagram, do mention pages by just entering "@" and related page names. 

For example, if your topic is about love so you just need to search typing @love.
Now you will see lots of suggestions, you need to mention at least 10~20 pages.
The reason for mentioning pages is whenever you post something. That post will be presented as a suggested post to all those people who are in tagged pages.

Okay, so that's all I have related to How To Increase Followers on Instagram. If you want to share some points of your own, feel free to comment that down below or email at

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