How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - Image 1
How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business

Digital marketing is the main stem of any business. It is growing year by year. Many people are influenced by freelance digital marketing experts who are earning a lot. So, if you are digital marketing fresher and aspire to make money from freelancing work or you are an aspiring freelance digital marketing expert, this article will be very useful for you. Because I am going to share tips on How To Start A freelance Digital Marketing Business.

Interestingly, You will be able to know all the ways of how to target both Domestic and International markets to start your own freelance Digital Marketing Business.

Strategy#1 Power of FREE

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - Power Of Free
Power Of Free

To start a freelance digital marketing business, I would like to tell you the first approach which you should follow. That is the power of free. So, if you are a beginner, then you should start doing FREE digital marketing work to gain client interest and boost references. Free work can be any like website creation, SEO, Adwords, etc.

Now, when you approach any client and say that you will do the "Xyz" work of digital marketing for free. The first question you will face is "Share your Portfolio".

So, if you don't have a good decent portfolio (website) which would state your services/profile, then nobody will trust you.  Even you would not trust anyone if he or she does not have a good portfolio.

If you are creating your website, you can refer to digital marketing checklists, do's and don'ts.

Earn While Doing Some Free Work

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - Earn while doing it for Free
Earn While Doing Some Free Work

You can also earn while you are doing free work for your client. Suppose, you can create a website for free and ask your client to bear domain and hosting charges. While creating a website, you can add some affiliate links. By that, you will not only get references but also earn from your affiliates commissions (around 3~5 k INR per website).

If your work is appreciated, you can always share your SEO and other service packages with your client and earn. Understand, you are doing something free for someone, he or she will always try to return your favor by paying you extra for services that are more important than creating a website (like SEO, SEM, Ranking, etc).

Additionally, your reference system will boost and you will get more work if your client's business grows.

Strategy#2 Find Potential Clients to Start a Freelance Digital Marketing Business

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business- Potential Clients
Always Find Potential Clients

"Find potential clients" means to find those people who are doing something wrong potentially in their online business. This is very important for every freelance digital marketing business. For example, if you find anything wrong in someone's website or ads or there are problems with SEO. You can share free SEO audit reports,  free strategies to grow their business. Now, that person will pay you to rectify all digital marketing related issues.

If he or she is already paying to any other digital marketing expert then he/she will definitely contact you and leave the previous expert. This is because, that person will realize that in spite of paying to someone else, there are still many issues in his online business. So he/she will trust you and see incremental revenue.

This strategy works really good for international clients because their ticket size is more as compared to India. In India, people think that paying extra for digital marketing is a liability, however, international clients think that the same is an investment.

Strategy#3 Start Approaching People by Hard Calling

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - Hard Calling
Approach People to Generate Leads

No matter, how good you are in digital marketing, if you cannot approach people/clients then your business will not grow. So, sales strategy is a must and most vital aspect of any business. You should at least call 50 people daily. You can refer yellow pages for international and business websites in India like Indiamart.

People who are paying 3 ~5K INR for listing on business websites like Indiamart will definitely listen to you.

Prepare a good sales pitch and try to meet as many people. Out of 50, if you are able to convert 1 client, then you will have 30 clients in a month. And, you will have recurring service too from those clients plus new clients month on month. SEO is monthly work so your business will grow exponentially.

Strategy#4  International clients

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - International Clients
Go For International Clients

If you are doing good in India or you are confident in your work, now you can approach international clients. Always remember, an international client will give you more revenue as compared to domestic clients. This is because international clients pay in dollars and also they are interested in growing their business from digital marketing strategies.

How to do this?

Target any area, suppose New York. Then, try to explore as many businesses and websites in New York. Understand their strategies and come up with your own strategic plan. You can always mail your strategic plan to them.

Your mail should never look like a sales mail or SPAM. It should be rather an educating mail were in, your client will understand, what are things that they can do to increase their revenue. Share your digital marketing related blogs, your Youtube videos, their revenue growth plan, templates, etc.

This will be easy for you if you target niche domains. Let's say, you chose laptop selling retailers. Now you will create one strategy plan which will comprise all the above-mentioned points. You can send this plan to every laptop selling retailer. A retailer will feel that your offer is personalized for him/her, however, you will be sending the same plan to all retailers. This will save you time and boost your business.

With the help of this, you can achieve approx. 15 ~ 17% conversion. Only keep in mind, that you need to send good mail to a good audience. Use your own email ID like Gmail or company mail id. It should always look like a personalized mail.

Simple Mail Format :


My name is Shishir, I went through your business/website and would like to share a few observations which may help you increase your revenue.

I would like to tell you that your website has below issues:
  1. .......
  2. ......
  3. ....
You can resolve these issues by following the below tips.
  1. Share your blog 1
  2. blog 2
  3. Share your youtube videos
If you find any problem, you can anytime connect us by replying to this mail or visit DigitalShish.

I can offer below services @ ***$ which will help your boost approx. ****$.

  1. Service 1
  2. S.2
  3. S. 3
  4. S. 4

Thank you,

How To Start A Freelance Digital Marketing Business - DigitalShish

Always remember that your website should be too good to attract clients. Because there are chances that people will visit your website from the sales email.

If someone, approaches you, revert them on time. Do videos meeting on any tool like Skype, Zoom, etc. This will boost their trust in you.

Okay, so that's all I have related to How To Start A freelance Digital Marketing Business. If you want to share some points of your own, feel free to comment that down below or email at

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