“Two Hands, One to help yourself and the second to help others”
Look | Learn | Live | Love | Leave
Passion = Money
Money <> Passion

My name is Shishir and I am a full-time blogger and an author, thinker or jerk!! Of blog tutorial called www.DigitalShiSh.com

I have 9 years of telecom experience with major telecom operators in India and abroad like CISCO, Vodafone, Aircel, Airtel. I have worked in almost all the functions of telecom mainly in Information Technology, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

At my 9am to 5pm times !! I used to meet clients for digital marketing and every time at a coffee shop I used to see this smart guy with a laptop who was always smiling and writing. One day, my meeting got canceled but still, I went to that cafe and guess what, that guy was very happy, laughing and talking to people. I was curious so I step up to him and asked about his actions, He said, I just earned 10,000$ by following my dream. I said, wow, what do you do, He said, I am a digital marketing expert and help people grow their business.
So, eventually, I started doing what I am good at. And I am happy that while learning, I am sharing with others.

I love writing and happy to share about my area of expertise related to Analytics and Digital Marketing, Data visualization which may help others to attain their goals and earn money.

While writing and reading, I have developed an interest in many other areas like traveling, Lifehacks, online Money making concepts, Gadgets, People etc which have helped me in many aspects and same I am going to share in my blogs.

Professionally I do help people in below areas:-

  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Data visualization in Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy and Qlickview
  • Blogging/Website Development
  • Analytics on R/Python

Tell me how can I help you or share suggestions below or you can anytime mail us at info@digitalshish.com

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